Thinking Clockwise: A Field Guide for the Innovative Leader

By Dennis Stauffer      |      Minneapolis: MinneApplePress      |      ISBN: 0-9640429-3-2

Invaluable…packed with insights, wisdom …examples of how people think and why some environments facilitate change, while others poison it.
Art Fry, 3M Corporate Scientist, Inventor of Post-it Notes
…clear and easy-to-understand… Business leaders will find…a quick and practical take on leadership in a rapidly changing environment.
Mary Ann Allison, Author of The Complexity Advantage, Chairman, The Allison Group
…of critical importance to effective project management, particularly in new product development…hit a very respondent chord..
Project Management Innovations , June 2005, Volume 10, Issue 2
..finding ways to make the complexity we face easier to understand. Dennis Stauffer does that with clarity and insight.
Glenda Eoyang, Ph.D., Author of Coping with Chaos and Facilitating Organization Change, Founder, Human Systems Dynamics Institute
Excellent guidance in critical aspects of innovative leadership. These principles and patterns will vastly improve your organization’s performance.
Richard N. Knowles, Ph.D., Author of The Leadership Dance, Retired Exec., E.I. Dupont

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