Finding and developing innovation talent

Companies of all types are facing ever greater disruption to traditional ways of doing business. There are many potential competitors that have a range of technologies, business models and market strategies to deploy. Gaining and retaining customers often comes down to who can offer the most innovative solution.

Innovator Mindset® (IM) is a proven research-based approach that provides crucial personalized feedback to increase self-awareness as well as awareness of what innovation demands. IM can help you 1) identify your most promising innovators among employees and candidates—those most likely to create new value, and 2) enable everyone in your organization to become more innovative in how they think and behave and interact.

Your employees, your team members and in particular your leaders, need to understand not only the need for innovation, but how to make it a sustained organizational capability and a personal competency. This is much more than new product development. It’s an alternative way of understanding what it means to run a business, in order to maximize and sustain value creation.

about how to enhance the
innovativeness of your people
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