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What’s your personal innovativeness?
Innovator Mindset® tests your paradigm.
Innovators & Entrepreneurs
Use IM to increase the odds
of innovation success.
CEOs, CINOs & Talent Managers
Use IM for recruiting and screening.
Educators, Incubators
& Accelerators
Use IM to change mindsets.



What is Innovator Mindset® creative-light-bulb

Innovator Mindset® (IM) is a measure of personal innovativeness, or one’s propensity to produce new value. We are all capable of being innovative, but some of us are more predisposed to value creation than others. This instrument has been developed to measure how well we tap into this capability. Our mindset is our personal paradigm or operating system. It is how we think the world works and therefore how we believe we should think and behave in order to solve problems, overcome challenges, invent, discover and achieve success.

The IM Summary Report provides an overview of your scores, while your Innovator Mindset® Snapshot provides a more detailed explanation, as well as guidance on how to improve your scores. You can use what these reports tell you to develop your inno-vativeness. That includes learning more effectively, making better decisions, reducing your biases and blind spots, enhancing your creativity and boosting your ability to gen-erate powerful insights. In other words adding value in any context and to any endeavor you may choose to pursue.

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Looking for a comprehensive self-directed program for shifting to an Innovator Mindset, in yourself, your team, your students, or your clients? We have you covered. It’s new and online!

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