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Are you looking for fresh ideas and thought-provoking insights, well-delivered to your conference or team?

Dennis Stauffer is a skilled communicator, with a background as a news reporter, anchor, keynoter and seminar leader. He’s an Emmy award-winning journalist and former business editor who turned his investigative skills toward innovation…and found some answers.

He is the author of a handbook for innovators. Thinking Clockwise, a Field Guide for the Innovative Leader, received a Fresh Voices award, is in its third U.S. printing and is currently available in five languages.

Dennis is also a social scientist, whose peer-reviewed research breaks new ground in explaining what innovation is, what it requires, and most importantly how to do it. His work informs how to optimize innovation processes and how each of us can become more innovative, He is the co-developer of the Innovator Mindset® assessment instrument, a unique and powerful psychometric tool for measuring and enhancing personal innovativeness.

Innovation is fundamentally about creating new value, and doing that requires more than great innovation processes; it requires shifting the way your people think. Dennis’ message will help your audience understand how to do that, and inspire them to act on those insights.

Based in Minneapolis, Dennis delivers keynotes and other interventions for clients throughout the U.S. and globally.