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In business today, innovation is a crucial organizational competency, and personal Innovativeness may be the ultimate transferrable skill. Yet there has been no reliable to way to systematically measure someone’s capacity to innovate—until now.

The Innovator Mindset® instrument (IMi) is a proven research-based assessment tool that is unique in its ability to measure someone’s innovativeness. How someone scores on IMi, as captured by their Innovativeness Index, provides a probabilistic measure of who has the greatest potential to produce new value. That makes it an exceptionally useful metric for evaluating employees and candidates, and identifying high potentials.

IMi is also a powerful developmental tool that takes an entirely different approach from many popular measures of innate personality (e.g. MBTI, DISC, Strengthsfinder, Insights Discovery, etc.). Unlike personality, mindset is discretionary. IMi is designed to reveal someone’s unexamined assumptions and beliefs…their personal paradigm. So it provides actionable feedback that not only tells someone how well they are tapping into their ability to innovate; it tells them how to do that more effectively—and measures their progress.

Mindset is something anyone can choose to change and develop. But because it is so often unconscious, most of us need some help identifying exactly what our mindset is. IMi provides that feedback. So it not only identifies promising innovators; it helps create them. It prompts adjustments that enhance someone’s ability to be imaginative, thoughtfully explore & investigate, make astute observations & evidenced-based decisions, discover fresh insights, invent solutions—and lead others to achieve those same capabilities.

You don’t need creative eccentrics. What you need are people who are the whole package, who understand and exhibit the entire constellation of capabilities that innovation requires. IMi tells you who those people are.

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