The following are a several highlights among the many ways that Innovator Mindset® has been used in widely diverse settings.

Research & Development

Innovator Mindset® was invited to work with a high level management team overseeing all of the research and development functions for a multi-national technology company as part of a management retreat. The day was spent exploring fresh ways of thinking about and describing their work and engaging in a series of interactive exercises. The Vice President who led this team later said that whenever they meet, “Folks are pulling out the handouts from your session as though they think it’s the agenda.” When asked what he saw as appropriate next steps, he said, “I want to roll this out to the whole company!”

Health Care & Medical Research

A leadership team for a large health care provider used Innovator Mindset® as a basis for a day long dialogue around the strengths and potential gaps that existed on the team, how that impacted their work, and how they could strengthen their program. Each member of the team received personalized feedback, as well as an innovation profile for the team as a whole. Team members said it was quite productive because it gave them a common vocabulary to discuss key issues and helped them better articulate their observations and perceptions to each other.

Encouraging Innovation

A European NGO promoting innovation and competitiveness has repeatedly sponsored presentations and seminars by Innovator Mindset® to the business leaders it serves because of what its CEO says is, “…a deep understanding and brilliant insights into ways in which to organise thinking in order to get breakthrough results. This structured approach provided us with a powerful methodology that allowed us to experience, reflect, think and learn.”

Innovation Policy

A European national agency responsible for promoting innovation invited Innovator Mindset® to present our model and approach to government consultants who serve external clients, as a tool for gaining insights into the innovation process and generating shifts in thinking to enhance innovation capacity and adaptability. These sessions were so enthusiastically received that we were invited to conduct sessions for additional internal audiences.

Innovative Project Management

Innovator Mindset® has been invited to present numerous keynotes, breakouts and seminars to project managers throughout the U.S., to enhance their effectiveness in executing successful projects. The enthusiastic comments from participants include: “Entertaining, thought provoking”, “Great topic, great speaker”, “Very timely, given my situation”, “Energizing”, “A unique approach”, and, “Makes me eager to go to work tomorrow and apply.”

Emergency Responders

Timely insights and innovative thinking are especially crucial in a crisis—and not only in business. A state fire chiefs organization enhanced its members’ critical leadership skills by using Innovator Mindset’s model to prompt them to rethink the mental models they use when faced with unexpected emergencies. On a scale of 1 to 5, the session evaluations averaged more then 4.5 for the quality, usefulness, and overall value of the session to them in their work as emergency responders, problem solvers and leaders.


Innovator Mindset® was adopted by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute to measure and help develop the innovativeness of students studying biofabrication, under a grant from the National Science Foundation.