Let’s get right to the point:

Innovator Mindset® is the best available probabilistic predictor of an entrepreneur’s success.

That’s a strong statement and it’s based on rigorous peer-reviewed scientific research. The Innovator Mindset® (IM) assessment was given to hundreds of entrepreneurs, and their personal Innovativeness Index was compared to the performance of their ventures. Differences in scores were associated with dramatically different business outcomes including a 34:1 difference in profits, a 70:1 difference in revenues and a 10:1 difference in number of jobs created. The high scorers were less likely to fail and much more likely to produce exceptionally high value.

As we have come to realize how important it is for entrepreneurs to improvise and experiment and pivot, personal Innovativeness is emerging as arguably the most crucial attribute that an entrepreneur needs. Yes, entrepreneurs need to know how to start and run a business. They need tools and strategies like LEAN Startup, and great new ideas. But they also need to get their heads in the right place and that’s where Innovator Mindset is so important. It provides personalized feedback on how innovation friendly or innovation resistant they are—for reasons that may be almost entirely subconscious. Yet, everything IM measures is dynamic and discretionary. So anyone can make the adjustments that it reveals are needed. Anyone can become a great innovator.

IM helps to assure that aspiring entrepreneurs are thinking and behaving in ways that will maximize their chances of success and the value they create.

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