Boost your capacity to innovate!

Innovator Mindset® assessment technology is your catalyst for personal transformation. This robust tool is based on the simple premise that the way we view the world and interact with it is primarily a matter of personal choice. Therefore, it’s vitally important that we fully understand those choices and recognize their implications.

Innovator Mindset® takes personal attributes that are often perceived as innate or beyond our conscious control and gives us the ability to adjust them, so they align with our objectives. With IM, we can choose to be more inventive. We can choose to be more mentally agile. We can choose to be someone who drives innovation and productive change. We can choose to be more personally effective in our work and relationships, and as a leader.

IM has been rigorously designed and developed based on peer-reviewed scientific research. It’s a unique assessment instrument that provides personalized feedback on someone’s mindset—that is the assumptions and beliefs—that influence personal growth and effectiveness. That includes our ability to be creative, solve problems, learn from feedback and face novel challenges—the same skills and attitudes that drive success on a team and for an organization.

Evaluating the potential of individuals to actively contribute to your innovation efforts has been a largely subjective process—until now.

Other assessments measure unchanging personal attributes. IM identifies the often subconscious—yet discretionary—attributes that guide our actions. By making these explicit, it provides powerful new insights and choices…and the freedom and increased effectiveness that comes with that expanded self-awareness.

IM has been used in for-profit, non-profit and government organizations to reach a wide range of objectives that include:

  • Accelerated change

  • Greater innovation

  • Smoother and more efficient career and organizational transitions

  • Leadership development

  • Problem solving and decision making

  • Conflict management