A unique proven approach

The Innovator Mindset® instrument (IMi) is an entirely different way of assessing personal capabilities than other popular assessments you are probably familiar with (MBTI, DISC, Strengthsfinder, IQ, etc.). While other instruments seek to identify innate personality traits, IMi is designed to reveal mindset, and your mindset is discretionary. Unlike innate traits, it is something you have the ability to change about yourself. So the feedback that IMi provides is much more actionable.

Your mindset is like the operating system on a computer. It functions in the background largely unnoticed. Yet how it is designed and how well it performs impacts everything that computer does. And so it is with people. We each have a personal operating system—your personal paradigm—but for most of us it is largely subconscious.

We all have the personal capacity to innovate. (That’s innate.) But some of us are much better at tapping into that capability than others. IMi tells you where you are and helps you decide where you want to go, so you can undertake that journey. It puts the power to make personal changes right where it belongs—in your own hands.

IMi surfaces our often unexamined assumptions and beliefs, creating choices we may not realize we have. This raises self-awareness while providing powerful insights into what innovation requires. That feedback enables you to make adjustments that increase your capacity to innovate—to create new value.