Innovator Mindset® (IM) gets at the essence of what innovation requires, regardless of the application or context. So it complements rather than replaces whatever innovation methods you may be teaching. For programs designed to introduce students in diverse disciplines to the principles and practices of innovation, IM provides an ideal framework. One that gives students a way to gauge their progress.

If you are among the thousands of educators who teach innovation or entrepreneurship, IM can be a high value addition to your curriculum. If yours is one of the rapidly growing number of programs teaching LEAN Startup principles or Design Thinking, IM is a highly complimentary approach. For engineering and technology programs, IM helps students develop their innovation skills alongside their technical skills.

Innovator Mindset® provides a framework to help your students understand

  1. How to think and behave like innovators…and
  2. Why most of us so often fail to do that

The Innovator Mindset® instrument is supported by rigorous peer-reviewed research. It provides personalized feedback to enable each student to evaluate his or her strengths and weaknesses, and use that feedback to make personal adjustments that will enhance their ability to create new value.

Innovativeness may be the 21st century’s most essential personal attribute. It is the best available predictor of your students’ potential to create new value. Innovator Mindset® gives you a way to develop that capability in your students, to help them maximize their future value creation.

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