Build Excitement into Your Innovation Initiative or New Venture as You Empower and Enlighten

Dennis Stauffer’s keynotes are interactive, enlightening, and inspiring…a great way to kick-off or wrap up your next meeting or conference. Bring in an innovation expert and speaking professional who will give your people some solid takeaways and the inspiration to apply what they’ve learned.

Keynote Topics

Flip the Switch: The Mindset of a World Class Innovator (Like You)

Audiences: Corporate, Association, Non-profit, Government

Objective: Instill an Innovator’s Mindset in your people, giving them the confidence and insights they need to contribute to your innovation agenda.

We are all born innovators. We already have an innate ability to explore and experiment. Yet most of us have been conditioned to suppress those behaviors, both in ourselves and in how we lead others.

This interactive keynote will deliver research-based insights to enhance creativity, adaptability and mental agility in confronting novel challenges. Your people will be energized to step up to the challenge of innovation and become part of the solution…boosting their personal—as well as your organization’s—capacity to innovate successfully.

Participants will:

  • Discover the subconscious mental models that drive (or obstruct) innovation.
  • Learn to recognize some simple intuitive patterns that determine how effectively we innovate.
  • Rediscover their innate talent for innovation and learn how to maximize it.

Flip the Switch: The Mindset of a World Class Entrepreneur

Audiences: Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Startups

Objective: Instill the kind of mindset that drives maximum growth and value creation.

Entrepreneurs are arguably the ultimate innovators. But there are many prevalent myths about what defines the most successful entrepreneurs, and those beliefs can be dangerously misleading. Dennis explains what really drives success—based on real world business outcomes. He’s done groundbreaking research on hundreds of diverse entrepreneurs and he will share what he has learned is the mindset that most distinguishes new venture success from failure. The impact is amazing (35x profits, 70x revenues, 10x jobs created)!

Participants will:

  • Discover the subconscious patterns that drive (or obstruct) innovation.
  • Self-assess their own mindset and how it is impacting their ability to innovate.
  • Reveal their own hidden capabilities and how to apply them to their business and personal challenges.