Build Excitement into Your Innovation Initiative as You Empower and Enlighten

Dennis Stauffer’s keynotes are interactive, enlightening, and inspiring…a great way to kick-off or wrap up your next meeting or conference. Bring in an innovation expert and speaking professional who will give your people some solid takeaways and the inspiration to apply what they’ve learned.


Sample Keynote Topics

Born Brilliant:The Mindset of a World Class Innovator (Like You)

Objective: Instill an Innovator’s Mindset in your people, giving them the confidence and insights they need to contribute to your innovation agenda.

We are all born innovators. We already have an innate ability to explore and experiment. Yet most of us have been conditioned to suppress those behaviors, both in ourselves and in how we lead others.

This interactive keynote will deliver research-based insights to enhance creativity, adaptability and mental agility in confronting novel challenges. Your people will be energized to step up to the challenge of innovation and become part of the solution…boosting their personal—as well as your organization’s—capacity to innovate successfully.

Participants will:

  • Discover the subconscious mental models that drive (or obstruct) innovation.
  • Identify the four critical choices that world class innovators make consistently and how those choices interconnect.
  • Rediscover their innate talent for innovation and learn how to maximize it.

The Game Has Changed. Do You Know The New Rules?

Objective: Reduce barriers to innovation while enhancing personal creativity and adaptability

We are entering an unprecedented new era, one in which the old skills and behaviors are no longer appropriate, in which the path to success has changed, in which both individuals and businesses must learn to play the game in new ways.

This new game has some new rules that we all need to know for the sake of our personal and business success. In this playful, interactive and innovative keynote, attendees will not only learn these new rules, they will practice applying them.


  • How the game of innovation is played and what changes it requires.
  • Why some of our most fundamental metaphors about our work need to change.
  • Why some of our most cherished orthodoxies must be revised.
  • Why this new game is going to be the best one yet!

21st Century Innovative Leadership: Leading the Behaviors that Drive Innovation

Objective: Instill a leadership mindset that fosters the behaviors that drive innovation

Discover some simple patterns that define the difference between successful innovation and getting trapped in the status quo. These patterns or mental models have the power to make each of us more effective innovators. Or, undermine even the most thoughtfully designed innovation processes, when we fail to recognize the patterns we’re following.

This interactive keynote will give you fresh insights to enhance your team’s flexibility and mental agility, as well as your own ability to be creative and handle novel challenges.

Participants will:

  • Discover the mental models that drive (or obstruct) innovation.
  • Gain fresh insights into how to apply imagination and creativity to generate innovative solutions.
  • Identify and leverage behaviors that promote creativity and innovation on a team and throughout an organization.

Getting Lean AND Innovative: The Secret to Managing Stress and Staying Engaged in Tough Times

Objective: Build engagement, resilience and optimism

When the economy tightens, we all feel the stress. But the solution isn’t to simply work harder and hope for the best. We need to find ways to change the way we do business and do our jobs. We need to get creative and innovative. While it takes courage and insight, it not only helps us survive, but to continue to find our work fulfilling.

Discover some strategies you can use immediately to:

  • Adapt to new challenges as an organization
  • Keep everyone engaged in their work and in finding solutions
  • Enhance collaboration and reduce conflict
  • Successfully weather the storm
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