You’re an Innovator

  • You’re committed to creating new value.

  • You’re courageous about exploring and experimenting in order to discover the most effective ideas and strategies.

  • You constantly pursue new insights and are comfortable revising your own assumptions and beliefs, as you learn and as circumstances change.

  • You care more about getting it right than being right.

  • You don’t just welcome feedback, you actively seek it, especially when you need to identify problems and shortcomings, or anticipate setbacks.

  • You don’t hope for failure, but you welcome it, because it tells you where you need to make adjustments and often teaches you more than your successes.

  • Your core objective is to make the world better.

  • You understand that in order to innovate, what often needs to change first is you.

If this describes you (or you would like it to) then we’d like to get to know you, learn from you, and help you get even better at what you do. We want to give you clarity about what innovation requires and how to achieve it. We want you to be fully self-aware…knowing your strengths and committed to closing any gaps.

That’s what Innovator Mindset® does. It provides specific research-based feedback to enable you to be the best innovator, change agent, designer, inventor, problem solver and visionary you can be.