Mindset Trek was recognized with honorable mentions in the International Elearning Association (IELA) 2021 Awards, in both the academic and corporate divisions. Mindset Trek is also featured as a case study in the International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC).

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Mindset Trek is a mindset-focused training program for innovators and entrepreneurs. This self-guided curriculum is designed to strengthen your personal innovativeness, to enhance your probability of innovation success and the value you create.

Mindset Trek uses the Innovator Mindset® assessment to provide personalized feedback, while giving you the insights you need to interpret and apply that feedback. That might be starting a new business venture, launching a new product, driving positive social change or any other innovation you choose to pursue.

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“I’m extremely thankful for the Innovator Mindset class. Its easy to understand frameworks taught me how to think of new innovative solutions to problems. It’s proven extremely applicable in my internship at Adobe.”

Olusola Babatunde, Student, Texas A&M University

“I thought this program helped me see how I can advance my mindset. I’m very thankful for this opportunity and I hope to continue to build my mindset to become more and more innovative.”

- Cody Minnick, Student, Tennessee Tech University

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You’re invited to begin your innovation journey at no cost. Explore the first few trails and then decide whether you want to go further.

We are all born innovators, but few of us fully leverage that capability. Mindset Trek reveals how to develop those talents, to become a world class innovator. You’ll discover how to innovate yourself to become your best version of you

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As you advance, you will assess your innovation capabilities and reassess them later to see how your mindset may have shifted. What progress you’ve made. You’ll discover new choices that will give you greater control over your mindset as you develop powerful new personal competencies.

When you decide you want to continue Mindset Trek, the cost will be $99.95 (less if you’re a student) a small investment to develop these crucial competencies.

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