Mindset Trek Elearning Introductory Offer

Mindset Trek Elearning Introductory Offer


Mindset Trek Elearning

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Mindset Trek is not your typical elearning program. It combines feedback from the Innovator Mindset assessment with research-based content to provide a personalized learning experience. Mindset Trek provides detailed guidance for developing your innovativeness. Helping you shift to a mindset that has been associated with dramatic increases in personal effectiveness and value creation.

Mindset Trek takes a Snapshot of your mindset and provides guidance on how to shift your mindset, and monitor your progress. It gives you insights into how to gain control of your mindset and why that’s such a powerful strategy for developing your innovation capabilities.

Mindset Trek Cyberlearning for Students is discounted for students and participants in other select programs. A code is required to get the discount when you checkout.

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