Your Innovator Mindset® Snapshot

Your Innovator Mindset® Snapshot


Your Innovator Mindset® Snapshot

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Your Innovator Mindset® Snapshot

This is the most comprehensive feedback you can receive on your personal tendency to innovate – to create new value – and how to enhance that capability.

Your Innovator Mindset Snapshot gives you your Innovativeness Index along with your score for each of the four Phases that make up the Innovation Cycle. These are the most important metrics for gauging your personal value creation capabilities. They tell you how well you are tapping into your capacity to innovate.

Your Snapshot report provides detailed information on the values, beliefs and behaviors that are produced by your mindset, within each Phase and overall. Like a photo snapshot, it captures you at a specific time, portraying your current mindset. While your mindset tends to be stable just like a photo that portrays who you are, you can choose to change your mindset just as you can choose to change your appearance.

Your Snapshot also explains how to interpret your results. This includes additional details on exactly what’s being measured, the role you typically fill based on your mindset, the strengths and gaps that tends to produce, and strategies you can use to enhance your capacity to innovate.

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