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Your IM Innovator Insights report is a kind of science-based crystal ball.

This report uses your innovativeness scores and information that you provide about a specific business venture, to make probabilistic predictions about the likely success of that venture and the value it will produce. (You will not have to disclose the exact offering or the venture’s finances.) This allows you to gauge the challenges you face,  by comparing your mindset and your venture to hundreds of diverse entrepreneurs.

This report is particularly useful if this is a venture you have recently launched or are about to launch, because it may point to adjustments you can make to reduce the risk and increase your potential for success. These estimates may also be of interest to investors who are considering supporting your venture.

Your IM Innovator Insights report allows you and your investors to make specific calculations about how your innovativeness and the nature of the venture combine to produce measurable business outcomes.


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